Salvation Army says one of its red kettles was stolen by someone pretending to be bell-ringer

<p><p>Spokane’s Salvation Army chapter reported on Wednesday that some of its donations were taken by a person posing as a bell-ringer.</p></p><p><p>Brian Pickering, Salvation Amy’s communications director, said in a news release they believe the kettle was stolen Tuesday afternoon in front of a local grocery store.</p></p><p><p>A Salvation Army driver had given his Red Kettle to a “girl posing as a bell-ringer,” the news release said. When he returned in the early evening, he saw only a kettle stand. The bucket and a battery for the Salvation Army sign was also missing.</p></p><p><p>“We are already facing a shortage in donations to the Red Kettles this Christmas season, and this situation certainly doesn’t help,” said Major Ken Perine with Salvation Army’s Spokane chapter.</p></p><p><p>Those interested in donating can visit <a href=”;_ga=2.40612322.1133919665.1639614970-2137527060.1639614970#!/donation/checkout” target=”_blank”></a> and click on the virtual red kettle, or mail a donation to Salvation Army Red Kettles, 222 E. Indiana Ave., Spokane, WA 99207.</p></p>