Providence plans to reimburse Medicaid recipients who were mistakenly charged for care

<p><p>Providence Health &amp; Services will reimburse the hundreds of Medicaid patients whose accounts were sent to debt collectors when they didn’t pay, the Renton, Washington-based health care provider with hospitals in Spokane announced last week. </p></p><p><p>Citing an “unintended error,” Providence’s chief financial officer said in a statement the nonprofit would be reaching out to the…Continue Reading

The Dirt: Jubilant HollisterStier moves forward with plant expansion

<p><p>Pharmaceutical manufacturer Jubiliant HollisterStier is moving forward with the next phase of its plant expansion in east Spokane.</p></p><p><p>Spokane-based NAC Architecture filed a predevelopment application with the city on behalf of Jubilant HollisterStier to build a 147,200-square-foot addition to the west end of the company’s existing plant at 3525 N. Regal St.</p></p><p><p>The addition will house a…Continue Reading

Republicans hopeful with Smiley Senate run, but likely face an uphill battle against longtime senator Murray

<p><p>There’s no doubt that Republicans are underdogs when trying to capture statewide office in Washington. They haven’t won an election for governor since 1980. They haven’t won a race for U.S. Senate since 1994. They hold no statewide offices.</p></p><p><p>But this year, state and national Republicans believe Democratic Sen. Patty Murray is vulnerable in her November…Continue Reading

They were entitled to free care. Instead, hospitals hounded them to pay.

<p><p>In 2018, senior executives at one of the country’s largest nonprofit hospital chains, Providence, were frustrated. They were spending hundreds of millions of dollars providing free health care to patients. It was eating into their bottom line.</p></p><p><p>The executives, led by Providence’s chief financial officer at the time, devised a solution: a program called Rev-Up.</p></p><p><p>Rev-Up provided…Continue Reading

Death is anything but a dying business as private equity cashes in

<p><p>Private equity firms are investing in health care <a href=”″>from cradle</a> to grave, and in that latter category quite literally. A small but growing percentage of the funeral home industry – and the broader <a href=””>death care</a> market – is being gobbled up by private equity-backed firms attracted by high profit margins, predictable income, and…Continue Reading

'Putin has lost this war': Jim Risch on Russia's escalation in Ukraine

<p><p>WASHINGTON – More than seven months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said the Kremlin’s move to annex four provinces in eastern Ukraine on Friday doesn’t change the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed to meet his main objective of toppling the government in Kyiv.</p></p><p><p>“Putin has…Continue Reading

​​While UI faculty are warned against even talking about emergency contraception, WSU will offer emergency contraceptives in vending machine

<p><p>Separated by just 8 miles, Washington State University and the University of Idaho remain vastly different places. Now in the post-Roe v. Wade era, the differences are more apparent than ever.</p></p><p><p>This week, the University of Idaho warned faculty and staff that counseling students about abortion or contraception could lead to termination or result in a…Continue Reading